A 311

A 311

15 juin, 2018

5e Melpomène: here is the lesson!

A pirate’s complete biography.
He was born in sixteen eighty in England and he was English. He lived on the Queen Ann’s Revenge, in the West Indies. He didn’t have children nor pets but he had fourteen wives. He was a pirate.

He plundered many ships and he killed many people so he accumulated a big treasure. He didn’t fear other pirates. He died in seventeen eighteen in battle at thirty-eight. His name was Blackbeard.

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Nor : ni   
The West Indies : les Caraïbes
A wife : une épouse
Wives : des épouses         
Plunder : piller

Fear : avoir peur de
In battle : au combat
At + âge : à + âge
Accumulate : accumuler
A treasure : un trésor


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