A 311

A 311

26 septembre, 2018

4e Merteuil

Présentation à faire à l'écrit sur feuille.

His first name is Ben and his last name is Jenkins.
He was born on December the twenty-fifth nineteen seventy-eight.
He is thirty-seven.
He was born in Berlin, in Germany / He comes from Berlin. He is German. He lives in Canada. He hasn’t got any brothers / he doesn’t have any brothers.
He has (got) one sister. He has (got) a horse.

His / her first name is …..= pour connaître son prénom
His / her last name is …. = pour connaître son nom de famille
He / she was born on ….  = pour la date de naissance
He / she is ….. = pour connaître son âge / sa nationalité
He / she comes from…. = pour savoir d’où il vient
He / she lives in ….. = pour savoir où il habite
He / she has ….. doesn’t have …. = pour savoir s’il a des animaux/frères/sœurs ou pas

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