A 311

A 311

17 mai, 2019

4e Merteuil: here is the correction!

I)             Le superlatif de supériorité des adjectifs courts.
Tall = the tallest = le plus grand
Small = the smallest = le plus petit
Short = the shortest = le plus court

The largest city in Australia is Sydney.
The highest mountain in Australia is Mount Kosciuszko.
Australia is the flattest continent in the world.
Darwin is the warmest city in Australia.

Her first name is Kath and her last name is Walker. Her indigenous name is Oodgeroo Nooncal. She was born in nineteen twenty in Australia and she was a Native Australian.
She was the first famous indigenous poet. She wrote and published poetry. In nineteen forty-two she married B.R.Walker. She was an activist and she defended the rights of indigenous people. She died in nineteen ninety-three.

14 mai, 2019

4e Merteuil: irregular verbs!

4e Merteuil: le superlatif de supériorité des adjectifs courts.

His first name is Albert and his last name is Namatjira.He was born in nineteen o two in Hermannsburg.He was a native Australian. He was a famous Aboriginal painter.
He exhibited and sold his paintings. He earned a lot of money. In nineteen fifty-seven, he became an Australian citizen. He died in nineteen fifty-nine in Alice Springs.

High : haut
Low : bas
Fast : rapide, vite
Slow : lent
State : état
Beach : plage
Coral reef : récif de corail
The Great Barrier Reef : la Grande Barrière de Corail
Exhibit : exposer
Sell : vendre
Earn : gagner (de l’argent)
Citizen : citoyen

10 mai, 2019

6e Didon et Galatée, entraînez-vous à décrire votre personnage!

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